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Since its start in 2012, Bitonic has frequently been featured in the media. Among others with the exchange BL3P. Below you will find an overview of news articles and interviews with Bitonic.

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Date Description
May 09th 2017 BNR
May 02th 2017
May 29th 2017 RTLZ
May 08th 2017
May 28th 2017
May 20th 2016
May 02th 2016
May 02th 2016 Bitcoin Magazine
May 02th 2016 NOS
March 18th 2016 Financieel Dagblad
March 03th 2016 Telegraaf Digitaal
Nov 04th 2015 Bitcoin Magazine
Aug 23th 2015 Financieel Dagblad
Aug 14th 2015 De Telegraaf
Aug 13th 2015 Volkskrant
Aug 13th 2015 Trouw
Apr 20th 2015 RTL Nieuws
Mrt 13th 2015 Follow the Money
Jan 16th 2015 SPROUT
Jan 13th 2015
Nov 28th 2014 NRC Q
Nov 21st 2014
Oct 16th 2014 SPROUT
Sep 10th 2014 Bitonic in Het Parool
Sep 10th 2014 BNR Nieuwsradio
Sep 08th 2014
Sep 06th 2014 Bitonic in De Financiele Telegraaf
Sep 05th 2014
Sep 04th 2014 Financieel Dagblad
Jul 19th 2014 Bitonic in de Telegraaf
Jul 16th 2014 Het Parool
Jul 16th 2014
Jul 16th 2014 TROUW
May 30th 2014 Jouke Hofman in article Bloomberg
May 14th 2014 Bitonic in NRCNEXT
Apr 08th 2014 Sprout TV
Apr 08th 2014 BNR Nieuwsradio
Apr 04th 2014
Mar 28th 2014 Financieel Dagblad
Mar 11st 2014 Bitonic in Het Parool
Feb 28th 2014 EditieNL
Feb 28th 2014
Feb 25th 2014 Reaction Bitonic to problems MtGox in live broadcast BNR
Feb 21st 2014
Feb 19th 2014 Interview with Coindesk
Feb 12th 2014 Financieel Dagblad
Jan 22th 2014
Jan 22th 2014
Jan 22th 2014
Jan 22th 2014 Telegraaf
Jan 22th 2014 BNR
Jan 15th 2014 Coindesk
Jan 10th 2014 BNN Social Club, Frank Evenblij visits Bitonic
Dec 24th 2013 Radio 1
Dec 05th 2013
Nov 19th 2013 NOS op 3
Nov 19th 2013 Het Parool
Nov 19th 2013 NRC Handelsblad
Nov 19th 2013 BNR Nieuwsradio
Nov 19th 2013
Nov 19th 2013
Nov 19th 2013 Spitsnieuws
Nov 15th 2013 Radio 1
Nov 6th 2013 Article RTL Nieuws
Nov 1st 2013
Nov 18th 2013