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Hard fork policy

There has recently been increased uncertainty about a possible hard fork on the Bitcoin network. As a large number of miners is indicating that they will support the Bitcoin Unlimited hard fork, it is becoming more likely that the Bitcoin blockchain will split. As a result, there will be two versions of Bitcoin.

As BL3P controls the private keys to your bitcoins, this means we will also control the bitcoins on the forked chain if a fork happens. It is likely that these "copied" bitcoins will have value. Therefore, it is important for you to know how we will move forward in the case of a split.

A number of exchanges have issued a joint statement detailing their stance on and approach to a Bitcoin Unlimited hard fork. Bitonic, the company behind BL3P, is one of the parties that signed this statement. The statement can be found here: Hardfork Statement

BL3P will, in any case, continue to support the blockchain that is based on the Bitcoin Core software. The bitcoins on this chain will be listed as 'BTC'. Whether we will also add Bitcoin Unlimited ('BTU'), depends mainly on how the Bitcoin Unlimited software is developed moving forward. A number of technical issues (specifically 'replay-attacks') prevents exchanges from safely listing BTU. Several technical adjustments to the Bitcoin Unlimited software are required before we can safely list BTU. Therefore, we can not guarantee a timeframe for when BTU will be added in the event of a split at this time.

What exactly will happen and when is hard to tell. However, we would like to make clear that the bitcoins that are controlled by us remain your bitcoins. Including your bitcoins a possible 'forked blockchain'. When Bitcoin Unlimited has solved the issues preventing safely listing BTU, we will copy your BTC balance to BTU and allow you to deposit, withdraw and trade as you are used to doing for the BTCEUR market.

If Bitcoin Unlimited does not adequately solve the issues surrounding a possible fork, we will look for alternative ways to provide you with access to your BTU. It is important to note that if a fork does happen, your BTC withdrawals can be copied to the BTU blockchain. If you deposit your BTC to a party that does not support BTU, you should be aware that this can result in a loss of control of your BTU. If you want to avoid any risks, it is recommended to control your own bitcoins from a personal wallet.