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Fee changes

We will be changing some of our fees in the near future. First the good news: the fee for euro deposits (both iDEAL and SEPA) will be lowered to € 0,50! (Previously 0,80 / 1,00)

Unfortunately, because of the increased fees on the Bitcoin network, we have to increase the fees we charge for withdrawals. Besides that the current fees we charge are insufficient to provide for the miners fee we pay, we also want to discourage requesting multiple small withdrawals, in order to reduce the strain on the Bitcoin network. The new fees are 0.001 BTC for a default, fast withdrawal (previously 0.0005 BTC) and 0.0005 BTC for a low priority withdrawal (previously 0.0001 BTC).

The costs of a bitcoin transaction are mainly caused by the inputs i.e. the received bitcoins being spent in the transaction. In order to distribute the costs in a fair way and further reduce the strain on the Bitcoin network, we also want to discourage small bitcoin deposits (less than 0.1 BTC) by charging a fee of 0.0005 BTC. Deposits of 0.1 BTC and more will remain free.

These changes are scheduled to become effective on june 23rd.