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Bitcoin Gold

It is likely that on the 25th of October another fork of Bitcoin will be occurring. This fork is altering the Proof of Work function that is being used in Bitcoin.

Considering the current state of development of the Bitcoin Gold project, we will not be able to support this fork in a secure manner. The biggest obstacle is whether or not Bitcoin Gold will contain secure (mandatory) replay protection. Without proper replay protection transactions that happen on one chain, can also happen on an other chain.

Additionally, having an premine / ICO goes against our core values as a Bitcoin company. Also we do not see sufficient community support for Bitcoin Gold at this time. Based on these considerations, we have decided not to support the Bitcoin Gold fork.

However, we will be making a snapshot of the user balances at the time of the fork. If there is sufficient community support and if it becomes possible to allow withdrawals of Bitcoin Gold in a safe manner, then we will be doing this based on the balances of the snapshot.

For customers that do want to receive Bitcoin Gold at the time of the fork, we recommend that you withdraw your bitcoins before the fork (25th of October) to your personal wallet.