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Signup open upon invitation

Because of the great interest in bitcoin as of late, and the resulting huge influx of applications for BL3P, we didn’t have the required capacity to maintain our desired level of service for the last couple of weeks. Because of this, we decided to temporarily disable applications to focus on quality of service for existing BL3P users while simultaneously helping new costumers at

In the mean time we were working hard to process all existing applications, expanding our team, smoothing out our processes and increasing capacity of our servers and software. Part of this is implementing Segregated Witness (SegWit) into our engine. SegWit is currently running in our testing environment. As soon as we’re finished testing, we can deploy SegWit. At this time it’s hard to indicate when our tests will be concluded, because safety and stability are of the highest priority.

However, we do see an opportunity to allow a limited amount of new users to BL3P, on an invite-only basis. Of course, we hope to open up the platform to all users, as soon as we possibly can.

Who’s eligible for an invitation?

You can apply for an account, but this will put you on a waiting list by default. To finish your application, you will need a valid invitation code. Existing BL3P users whose account has been verified and who have successfully completed a deposit to their account before the 31st of january, will own two invite codes.. You can find these at your account settings (click/tap your username).

Invite codes will be handed out by us when you meet specific requirements, you can find these below.

  • You have had one or more successful transactions at with a combined volume of at least €10.000. You will find a BL3P invite code on your transaction page. You may have requested a link to this page by email, otherwise find your transaction on the bottom of this page.
  • You want to do automated market making or arbitrage through our API and can prove this by an existing scsript, reference or (design) document. (Please specify this as an attachment).
  • You want to open a corporate account for your business and expect a daily volume of at least €2000. Let us know the kind of product or service you want to offer as well as a description of your targeted customers, if any.

If you meet at least one of these requirements, please contact to check eligibility.

We will not respond to incomplete or unclear requests.