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Lightning Network is coming!

As of May 1st, Bitonic is celebrating its 10th anniversary and the year 2022 is all about innovation. Behind the scenes we continuously work hard to improve and upgrade our products and services, add new functionalities and optimize the user experience. We are ready for the next chapter and are pleased to announce that BL3P - after the brand new trade engine launch - has integrated Lightning.

The Lightning Network is a “layer 2" payment protocol layered on top of Bitcoin. It enables fast and cheap transactions. So this benefits the BL3P user with speed and reduction of transaction fees and also lowers the barrier to keeping bitcoins in your own wallet: Take Control!

We believe this is another way to create stability and motivate long term thinking. Guided by our vision and knowledge, we are a haven of serenity and an anchor of stability in this chaotic and stressful market - throughout all our services, products and activities, with a clean and sophisticated user experience.

Currently only available for internal purposes, but here is a sneak preview of how Lightning works at BL3P. Given the complexity, we want to roll out this functionality in phases. We’ll keep you updated about the next steps.