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BL3P activates the Lightning Network for everyone!

Starting today all verified users will be able to use Lightning for their instant bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. 

The Lightning Network is a relatively new technology that can be used since 2018. It is a layer 2 payment protocol on top of Bitcoin, which enables quick and cheap transactions. For only a couple of satoshi's it is possible to make transactions which are almost instant, without losing the decentralized nature of Bitcoin.

BL3P functions as an exchange and gateway to the Bitcoin ecosystem with a hyperfocus on robustness. We strive for the highest possible standards in terms of security, privacy and speed along with a clean and sophisticated trading experience. The implementation of Lightning contributes to this mission by building on proven Bitcoin technology. 

This second layer technology is still under development, and its usage still has to be considered experimental. BL3P does not take any responsibility for ‘loss of funds’ when users interact with the Lightning Network.