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Account restoration

Lost access to your email or lost your two factor authentication device? Read this page carefully to find out what you can do to regain access to your account

I forgot my password

If you forgot your password, but still have access to email and/or two factor authentication device, you can just reset your password here.

I have lost access to my account and/or notification email address

Depending on your withdrawal/security two factor authentication, you may be able to change your email address without needing access to the old address:

  • No two factor authentication: you can change your email address without access to the old address.
  • Email: If you have 'email' set as two factor authentication for login or withdrawal/security, you will not be able to change your address in your account. Please fill in the form and enter the new email address you want to use.
  • TOTP: You can temporarily switch to 'none' to be able to change your email address without confirmation on the old address.

I lost my two factor authentication device

Please fill in the form. We will ask you for additional proof that you are the legitimate owner of your account. After validating your identity, we will reset your two factor authentication.