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Account security guide

BL3P is dedicated to provide a secure and stable trading platform. More information about the security of BL3P, can be found here. We believe in close cooperation with the user in terms of security. Security awareness and effort on your part is therefore of importance. On this page we give some advice on what you can do to keep your account secure. Please read this carefully!

Use a secure environment

Make sure your computer (operating system) and browser are up to date. It is strongly recommended to have a firewall enabled and an up to date virus scanner of a trusted brand.

Beware of malware when installing Bitcoin/altcoin related software or plugins. Always verify the source. It is also recommended to use the private navigation mode of your browser. This reduces the risk of malicious browser plugins to modify data or steal your information.

Be cautious with your password

We recommend that you use a strong passphrase that you can easily memorize, or generate a complex password with your (strongly secured) password manager. Do not write your password down on a piece of paper that could be easily read or taken by strangers. Never store it on your computer unencrypted or send it in an email.

Keep your password secret! Never give it to others. When typing your password, be sure there is no one around to read it from the keyboard. Also beware of strange USB-devices, especially when connected to your keyboard's USB connection.

Use two factor authentication

Two factor authentication adds an extra barrier to access your account or funds. We strongly recommend enabling two factor authentication to every user of our exchange.

An extra required confirmation to withdraw funds is enabled by default: withdrawals require a confirmation by email. Login attempts from unknown IP-addresses will be blocked and also need email confirmation. If you keep using email as confirmation method, we recommend using a different notification address than your account email address. Should a hacker get access to your account email address, he would then be able to reset your password but could not login or withdraw funds.

Beware of phishing attempts and scammers

BL3P will never ask you for your login credentials, authentication codes or personal information by email.

Whenever you click a link from an email that is supposed to go to, always verify that the URL starts with or and your browser shows a green lock icon together with our company name (Bitonic B.V.)

Do not store all your savings on an exchange

Although we do our best effort to keep your funds secure, it is never wise to trust your full savings to one company or to another person. Only store the amount of funds you require for trading, never store more than you can afford to lose.

Know what you are doing when using our API

We strongly recommend locking API-access to a single IP-address. You can set this restriction when you create a new API key. In addition, it is possible to create different API keys for specific API functions. So for example you can separate the trading of the financial system.