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Verification guide

What should I pay attention to when I upload the required documents?

Make sure the scanned documents you upload are:

  • of high quality and in colour
  • uploaded in its totality if the document consists of multiple parts
  • clear and legible
  • completely visible (watermarks are permitted)
  • not expired
  • no screenshot or photo of your monitor


Bank statement

A bank statement is required to check whether the bank account number you specify indeed belongs to you. The document you upload must clearly contain your name and the IBAN number. That is why BL3P only accepts one of the following documents:

  • a photo of your debit card
  • a copy of a bank statement that is less than three months old (payments may be hidden)
  • a print screen of your online banking environment (payments may be hidden) or bunq app
  • a letter from your bank
  • a copy of the original contract with your bank

It is possible to add another bank account to your BL3P-account. You can do so by adding a new bank account entry, specify the regarding data and also upload the matching documents.

Proof of identity

As a proof of identity, BL3P only accepts a valid:

  • passport
  • identification card (upload both sides)
  • Dutch driver's license
Your social security number (SSN) may be hidden.

Proof of residence

A proof of residence should contain a name of the person or company and the address of residence of the company or person. BL3P generally accepts documents such as:

  • an energy or gas bill
  • a tax return
  • another government or municipality document

The proof of residence document must meet the following requirements:

  • the document isn't older than three months
  • the ascription of the document must match the person's proof of identity data you specify. In the case of a company, the address visible in the proof of residence document must match the address specified in the Chamber of Commerce extract
US Person

Financial institutions that provide services to companies who are taxable in the United States, are obligated to forward (financial) information of these companies to the Dutch tax authorities, who in turn forward it to the Internal Revenue Service. BL3P won't cooperate with this for two reasons: BL3P wants to protect and ensure the privacy of all users, therefore we do not give information to other parties. Additionally, this regulation creates a lot of work, to gather the information and pass it to the tax authorities. This creates unnecessary costs that we don't want and cannot bear.

A US Person is a person who pay taxes in the United States of America. You are a US Person if you:

  • Are a US citizen
  • Are a resident of the United States of America
  • Have a residence, mailing address or phone number in the United States of America
  • Are making periodically transferring funds to the United States of America
  • Have a plenipotentiary with an address that is in the United States of America

A company is a US Person if the company:

  • Is established in the United States of America
  • Is founded under the laws of the United States of America (or any of its individual states)
  • Is a trust in which a court in the United States of America may supervise
  • Is a trust in which one or more of the authorized entities is a US Person
  • Is a company in which a US Person has at least 10% of the company voting rights or shares

Extra information for corporate accounts:

If you have a corporate account you are required to provide some more data and documents about your company. The needed data and documents are described below.

Chamber of Commerce extract
If (one of) the authorized entities of the company isn't a natural person but a company, then also upload the Chamber of Commerce extract of this sub company. Please note that all Chamber of Commerce extracts that are older than six months will be denied.
Sole proprietorship, limited liability partnership and limited partnership

In a sole proprietorship, limited liability partnership or limited partnership, the terms "authorized employees" and "stakeholders" are less known.

Therefore the following explanation of these terms for these three legal forms:

  • in a sole proprietorship, the owner is the authorized employee and stakeholder
  • in a limited liability partnership the partners are the stakeholders and the authorized employees
  • in a limited partnership, the working partners act as stakeholders and authorized employees
Authorized employees
BL3P requires all authorized employees to provide an identification document and a proof of residence document. The rules that are defined in this guide in the "General" section also apply to the documents described above. If an authorized employee isn't a natural person but a company, BL3P requires you to also define this subcompany. For each subcompany, BL3P also requires data and the regarding document about the regarding authorized employees.

A stakeholder is defined as a:

  • shareholder owning more than 25% of the company shares
  • person with voting rights
Shareholder register
In the case the company's legal form is limited liability, the company has a shareholder register. BL3P requires the company to upload this shareholder register. This document shows the underlying stakeholders structure and the amount of shares each stakeholder owns. The stakeholder structure defined in this document needs to match the stakeholder structure that you define in BL3P.
The verification status says 100%, what does this mean?
During the verification process, you see a bar showing the total progress displayed in percentages for each data group. If you specified all required data and sent all regarding documents, BL3P will review the submitted data and will approve or deny your verification request within five business days. BL3P will send you an email with the result of the verification request review.