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About BL3P

BL3P is a product by Bitonic
Bitonic was founded in April of 2012 as the first Bitcoin-company in The Netherlands. At the time, a cumbersome process was required to reliably and quickly purchase bitcoins. Bitonic was started from the desire to streamline this process: instant bitcoin purchases through iDEAL was the solution. Bitonic has since grown to 50+ FTE, sold over 400.000 bitcoins, serves tens of thousands of unique customers and offers a variety of services. We are proud to be the first and largest Bitcoin company of the Netherlands!
Expansion of services

In addition to instant Bitcoin purchases at, Bitonic has started various new services. Bitonic offers not-for-profit organisations a method for accepting bitcoin donations free of charge. Commercial parties can register with Mollie, a regulated Payment Service Provider in the Netherlands. Bitonic handles the bitcoin-to-euro conversion process in the background.

Because of our knowledge and experience we received many requests for presentations, workshops and training. This resulted into the next service of Bitonic, the Bitonic Academy. With Bitonic Academy we have transferred our knowledge about Bitcoin to many financial institutions (ABN Amro, SNS Bank, ING Bank, Equens), public authorities (DNB, Tax, Currence, FIOD, High-Tech Crime, Public Prosecution Ministry) and universities (TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, University of Amsterdam, University of Groningen).

Our own exchange

We started development on our own exchange platform, BL3P, in 2013. In addition to the technical development of BL3P, we put a lot of effort into cultivating our relationships with banks. As BL3P will control user funds (euros/bitcoins), we applied for a license at the DNB (Dutch Central Bank).

The official response from DNB shows that Bitonic does not need a license. Bitonic however, is organized as a financial institution in accordance with the procedures and regulations. This offers reassurance towards the Dutch banks, who do need a license of the DNB. More information about what this implies for our organization, can be found here.

Welcome @ our exchange

We are ready for the future and call you a warm welcome to our European bitcoin exchange: BL3P!

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