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To use BL3P completely, it is necessary to verify your account. We have streamlined the process as much as possible, so it will cost you a minimum of effort. In order to provide a reliable trading platform, it is required that we fully apply KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti money laundering) procedures (Dutch WWFT law).

For account verification we need:

  • A copy of your proof of identification (watermark allowed, social security number may be hidden)
  • A proof of your residence
  • A photo of your debit card, a bank statement (payments may be hidden) or a print screen of your online banking environment

Companies are required to add company information and to define their shareholders and/or authorized persons.

We store your documents and data on a separate, highly secure server. This server is central in our services and it will allow you to use your account for other Bitonic products in the future.