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BL3P is a trademark of Bitonic BV

Bitonic B.V.
Oude Utrechtseweg 17C
3743 KN Baarn
The Netherlands

T: +31 (0)20 261 94 66

CoC: 58276149
VAT: NL852959710B01

Stichting Bitonic Payments
The bank accounts of BL3P are owned by a separate foundation (Stichting Bitonic Payments).

CoC: 58799117
SNS Bank: NL61SNSB0866046100
bunq: NL18BUNQ2025406592

Pretty Good Privacy - PGP's of our team

Michiel Biersteker
PGP 1D16 CF0F 35DB 6C58 4935 6093 9DA2 CF15 D1CF B7E4

Geert Blom
PGP 785D FBED 8E0C 8F4D AE41 B7B6 CC44 7FB6 D77D 840C

Niels van Groningen
PGP B1E1 4255 F862 8E80 A226 0BD3 FB3C 57A8 B745 A874

Jouke Hofman
PGP 359C 3018 EE25 96F9 2550 FBEB B856 89C9 1906 4025

Jasper Jongmans
PGP C496 3E3C B616 E56B 0DF0 F815 B4FE 1444 E716 CB02

Daan Kleiman
PGP 3186 4226 E333 635C F501 3316 ACAF 5B43 68D1 474D

Jeroen Rijnbout
PGP 1CAA 8F0E F7E6 00A6 8508 06C9 9D97 47F5 7F1A B27F

Robert de Waard
PGP DC50 E1D5 B310 E0BD 21BA F51E B6B2 6911 558A 7BCD

Matthijs de Waard
PGP C4B4 99CA 7504 1927 EBF4 EF1B EDF1 07A9 B9C9 5DED

Annelot de Wit
PGP 9203 0B9D 8471 4FDD C346 DEA9 8168 92D9 22B6 F39C

Roy van Zanten
PGP 0FBE 6FF4 A34A F455 77E7 4F9A 7C01 C960 8FFE 2904